Owner Operator Positions

Owner Operator Positions Headline

We've got the steady, high-quality freight your business needs to take your profits up a notch. When you run with Decker, you'll enjoy competitive compensation and all the business advantages of partnering with a stable company with a proven track record.

Midwest Reefer

Midwest to Canada, Southeast and South Central United States, with average length of haul of 600 miles.

Midwest Reefer Compensation

Decker West Reefer

Our Western Division is our only true OTR division, running 48 states. More than 70% of the runs are west of Ohio.

Decker West Compensation

Midwest Flatbed

Majority of loads are steel and wallboard hauled throughout the Central Midwestern states with average length of a haul of 400 miles.

Midwest Flatbed Compensation

Southern Flatbed

Majority of loads are steel and building products hauled throughout the southern states, with average length of haul of 400 miles.

Southern Flatbed Compensation

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