20+ Ways Decker Responded To Driver Requests In 2018

You know what’s frustrating?

Feeling like you are talking to a brick wall, and of course, that wall isn’t responding. You try reaching out about your, at the time, relatively small issue and get crickets in return. Seriously?! Where are those promises now? These are your frustrations!

  • Trying to get the truck fixed or the trailer tire repaired.
  • You weren’t home for your doctor’s appointment on time.
  • The pay is fine, but if you aren’t getting the miles, and you clearly aren’t, $1/mile isn’t even going to cut it.

Sound about right?

Those are the type of things that can build up, pile on until you are at your wit’s end. They are also the type of things that can easily be resolved, preventing a snowball of issues to stockpile.

Decker Truck Line faced the frustrations head-on. Instead of ignoring drivers’ requests for more home time, longer miles, equipment upgrades, additional incentives, and overall improved communication they came together, striving to meet expectations.

In 2018, alone, Decker Truck Line has implemented an improved monthly performance program, incentivized a referral program that could bring in over $11,000 more a year to the driver, expanded home time options by adding more than 15 different dedicated, local, OTR and regional routes, created driver-friendly policies including a pet policy, company paid navigation, increased truck speed, upgraded lane departure device and an enhanced phone system for direct lines of communication. Not stopping there, Decker also rolled out a series of weekly Q&As for drivers, family members, and others to participate in. A place where you can get additional information on Decker, their policies, the procedures, new opportunities, and fun games.

Attend the weekly Facebook LIVE Q&A on Mondays at www.facebook.com/dtlinc.

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Watch this week’s YouTube Q&A to see additional information on changes Decker has made in 2018 to better the lives of their Drivers.

It’s been a crazy year but it’s been a blessing for us to have Decker allowing great home time,” Amy, a OTR reefer driver’s wife states.

Driven to be the best.

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Written By: Jesse Butler

Jesse Butler is a driver recruiter for Decker Truck Line. She has worked within the trucking industry for over a decade.  

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