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2019 April Drivers of the Month

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ELD Transition

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The ELD Mandate doesn’t change existing rules, it does require more stringent enforcement of those rules.

Key Points To Know About The ELD Unit

Inspector mode-

                -You need to know that you have an ELD unit if an officer asks and how to properly use the device.

                -When an officer asks to view your logs-first certify them then switch the unit to “Inspector Mode”

                -If the officer asks you to send your logs, you will need to enter the email address and the code provided by the officer.

                -You need to be able to show the officer the user’s manual, located electronically in “Driver Training” and the IVG cab card, located in your permit book.

                -You need to know where your 8 days of blank logs are located in your permit book.

ELD malfunctions

                -You must report all malfunctions to the safety department within 24 hours. 

                -All ELD malfunctions must be repaired within 8 days.

                -If your ELD stops working, you can only be on paper logs for 8 days.

All Drive time is recorded

               -Drive time cannot be edited by anyone. This includes Personal Conveyance and Yard Movements.

                -If the truck is moved during a break, it will affect your break. You may need to restart/redo the break.

                -Seconds count!! Wait one full minute after your break has finished before moving the truck. Moving too soon may cause you to retake/restart your break.

                -Elog units are very sensitive to touch.  Double check your entries each step of the way before moving on.

Unassigned vehicle activity

                -Should only occur when the truck is in the shop-driver has logged out

                -If you notice that your logs are not reflecting driving, please log out and log back in again, accept the time.

                -If refusing the unassigned driving-annotation and comments must be entered or it will be added to your time.

Logging in, Logging out and verify logs

-Logs must be certified every day, failure to do so can result in the inability to edit logs and are also subject to CSA points.

-Be aware of what you are agreeing to when certifying, once certified, you cannot edit any certified status.

-Certify and log out when your truck goes into a shop, even at a terminal.  If a technician drives your truck, it cannot be removed from your time if you haven’t logged out.

-When logging back in, select Active Driver, even though it looks as if it is selected.

-Be sure to use the proper alphanumeric combinations.  For example-the letter “O” cannot be used in place of the number “0”.

-Your logs should always be on Central Standard Time-this is the time zone of DTL’s main terminal.

Driver facing changes

                -Teams and trainer/trainee situations will need to be more diligent at making sure the correct “Active” driver has been selected, due to the drive line not being allowed to be edited.

                -The unit will ask for Load info or trailer info periodically, even if you have previously entered it.  You will need to enter it again. If you did not have a load, N/A is acceptable to enter.

                -Always make sure all of your load info is in the system as required, do not assume it automatically transfers everything for you.

                -All duty status changes now require an annotation or remark to be entered.  You must select a remark or free form type one in.

Personal Conveyance

                -Time limit of 30 minutes per day or 25 miles is allowed (midnight to midnight)

                -Cannot be used to further the load in any way.  If it is not for a  “Personal” reason, then it’s not PC.

                -Engine must be on, parking brake released, remark entered for PC to work. 

Yard Movement

                -Affects your clock, it is an on duty status.

               -is for use on Private property only.  Not in a truck stop, no access to the public on the property.

BOT Threshold

                -Once you’ve reached 5 mph, drive line is activated.  Distance is not relevant.

                -Once you stop, default status is on duty and will leave you in the on duty status until you change it.

                -Always check your logs before you get out of the truck and before you start your day.  You may have been on duty for the past three days of home time.

-If you certify on duty for several days, you cannot use paper logs and keep going-you must wait until the back office can correct your logs.

Driver link to obtaining their logs

                -Drivers are able to obtain their logs for records or tax purposes from this link.


ELD Entry Level Training rule approaching fast….

Getting Ready for ELDT: Deadline looms for entry-level driver training rule

Jeff Crissey is Editior of Commercial Carrier Journal

Inspections Bonuses 5-3-19 to 5-9-19

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Springtime Scavenger Hunt

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Professional Drivers, play along with your game card!

All work and no play can get tiresome, but when you feel you “don’t have time to play games”, then why not combine the two.

Decker Truck Line has announced their 1st Springtime Scavenger Hunt.

Springtime Scavenger Hunt is an interactive game that Decker Truck Line, Inc. will launch on May 1, 2019. This innovative hunt will hit on topics such as safety, health, family, and enjoyable moments throughout our Professional Driver’s life and career. The concept of the game is to interact, motivate, and simply get to know our Professional Drivers on a more personable level. Simply snap a work appropriate photo of yourself and the concept that qualifies in 1 of the 12 categories listed.

Please do not participate while driving on the road, remember safety first.

Submit the photo to with the corresponding number and specific details you want to include.
The Marketing Department will keep all tallied entries. Scavenger Hunt game cards will be sent out to all Driver’s via an email. Please call 515-576-4141 Ext. 2205 or reach out at to have a game card e-mailed or mailed directly to you.

1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winners will be announced by June 10th.

The 12 Categories

1) Plant a Seed; Selfie with Friend or Flower: Whether you have planted a flower or made a new/old friend take a selfie with them and submit.
2) Selfie with Favorite Spring Activity: Take a picture of you doing your favorite Spring activity.
3) Selfie with your Favorite Basketball Team: Take a picture with you and your favorite basketball team. This may include photos of you at a game, you with a clothing item such as a hat, shirt, sweatshirt, etc.
4) Selfie While Performing a Pre-Trip Inspection at Sunrise or Sunset: Starting and ending the day as a Professional Driver you are familiar with pre-trips submit a photo at sunrise or sunset.
5) Selfie with a Rainbow: With Spring comes a lot of rain, with rain comes rainbows. Spot a rainbow and snap a selfie with it, but watch out for the pot of gold at the end of each rainbow!
6) Selfie Near a Body of Water: Snow is quickly melting find a puddle, a river, a lake or pond and take a selfie with it.
7) Selfie with Any Sign of Spring: Goodbye winter, with your bitter winds and mounds of snow, and hello spring. Spring, of course, marks the beginning of warmer weather and longer daylight hours, the blooming of flowers and the budding of leaves. Signs of spring include and are certainly not limited to melting snow, flooding rivers, monarchs, and the return of seasonal birds.
8) Selfie with a Patch of Green Grass: These last few months we saw too much white snow. We are looking for brighter days; show us some green grass! Submit a photo of you and a green patch of grass.
9) Selfie While Having a Picnic Outside: Enjoy a beautiful day, soaking in the rays with a picnic. Submit a photo of you eating a quick snack, lunch or dinner outside!
10) Selfie While Taking a Walk Outside: Submit a photo of you on a walk, running, lifting weights, etc.!
11) Feel the Warmth of the Sun Selfie: Check another one off your game card, submit a selfie on a nice sunny day.
12) Family or Friend That The Season of Spring Brings Joy to: The bright colors of Spring bring joy to many people; simply snap a selfie with a family member or friend who loves this weather as much as we do.

Please label clearly in your submission the name of your family member or friend.


• Must submit the qualifying photos within the date period of Wednesday, May 1, 2019- Friday, May 31, 2019.
• Each submission will be tallied up by the Marketing Department.
• Must submit all categories to win!
• Winners are choosen on creativity and accuracy of the post.
• Submitted photos must be work appropriate and approved to be placed on media outlets if we so choose.
• Must be a picture submission with yourself included in the photo. Be sure to include the specific number that your photo corresponds with on the game card.

Quick Apply