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Thank you to all professional drivers

Why I’m Thankful

The life of a truck driver is full of sacrifices, today, I’d like to share a few of the many things I’m thankful to drivers for. You fuel our economy. Without drivers, gas stations would go out of business. You take our garbage to the landfill, recycling centers would go out of business, and factories… Read More

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Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Pizza at its core is bread with cheese and sauce. That is the canvas to work from, making changes in order to create a masterpiece. The wonderful thing about making pizza is there is no “wrong” way (Even though those from Chicago and New York would disagree). I have seen more and more pizza modeled… Read More

Annually there are 1.17 million injuries that occur in the workplace. These injuries cost $215 billion per year in direct and indirect costs (also known as the cost of lost productivity). The average worker spends $5,103 each year on health care related to work injuries. These direct costs are even higher when you include lost productivity, wage replacement, and non-pecuniary (pain and suffering) losses. Although it is typically considered a leading cause of job-related injury, truck driving is not usually considered the leading cause of work-related injuries. It is more common among trucks that do a lot of heavy hauling or off-road driving rather than those that carry freight over long distances.

Injury Prevention for Truck Drivers

Resistance training, pilates, and stretching are all great injury prevention methods for truck drivers to engage in on a daily basis. The best part is that these methods help prevent injuries and improve the performance of truck drivers all at once. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that truck drivers perform some form… Read More

Living healthy while on the road as truck driver.

Improve Health and Conditioning with Resistance Bands

One of the greatest advantages bands have over other dumbbells or other gym apparatuses is that they fit easily into small spaces, allowing you to continue your workout regimen on the road when you can’t get to a gym.Resistance bands can be used for a variety of exercises that work most of the major muscle… Read More

Can you make it? Dry Van Virtual Career Fair 

Virtual Career Fair

Dry Van Driving Positions Can you make it? Join us on Wednesday, March 24th at 1pm Central for our Virtual Job Fair discussing Dry Van opportunities in your area. We will be providing you details on: Salary and Compensation Home Time Mileage Equipment Q&A I’m sorry. You’ve missed the Virtual Job Fair. You can watch… Read More

Cooking in the truck. Thomas Remington, Decker Truck Line Flatbed Lease Purchase driver tells us how cooking in a truck is an option for busy truck drivers. Driver spotlight is self-proclaimed trucking chef, Thomas Remington on cooking a the truck. See more of Thomas Remington on his Instagram @BeardedFlatbedguy

Truck’d Up Chili

The Truck’d Up Cooking monthly cooking in the truck series featuring Thomas Remington as @BeardedFlatbedGuy Thomas Remington is featured on this week’s podcast,—Thomas-Remington-estjdo Volume 1: Issue 1 This is an amazing recipe to either make-ahead of time (at home) or in the truck. The recipe is very flexible, allowing you to tailor it to… Read More

Like many, Thomas carries an Instantpot, crockpot, and grill (and now a stovetop burner) and his truck is equipped with a microwave and refrigerator. Unlike many, Thomas has mastered cooking in the truck.

Cooking on the Road

Some think that it’s near impossible to eat well when you are an over-the-road truck driver. Others…well, let’s just say, some know the tricks a little better than others. Thomas Remington is one of those “some”.Like many, Thomas carries an Instantpot, crockpot, and grill (and now a stovetop burner) and his truck is equipped with… Read More

10 easy peasy crockpot meals for over the truck drivers to make while away from home. Minimal ingredients, maximum taste, and the set-it and forget-it system Crockpots and Instapots provide for us. Additional fitness and health resource links.

Living Healthy Over The Road

Links and resources (including recipes) to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy on the road is a big initiative in the entire freight forwarding industry. There are now countless programs that help truck drivers to live a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise. If you are wondering how to stay healthy as… Read More

Recruiter, Jesse Butler, joins host Darin Ladlie over the phone from Montana to talk about our Health & Wellness month here at Decker Truck Line. Throughout the episode, Jesse and Darin discuss three important aspects of health & wellness: sleep/mental health, nutrition, and fitness! Listen as they chat about easy stretches and exercises you can do from inside your truck, provide you with tips on how to choose healthy food on the road, and why it’s so important to start your day after a good night’s rest.

Inside the Triangle Update Episode 30

Stick around to hear Darin announce the December Drivers of the Month and the December Scorecard Bonuses! In this week’s episode, our host, Darin Ladlie, relays a few messages from different departments here at Decker Truck Line.  Darin talks about WorkHound and all the great feedback and suggestions we’ve already gotten from our Professional Drivers… Read More

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