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Enjoy Retirement! You will be missed.

Congratulations, Dwight, on your retirement. Enjoy your time off, time with your girlfriend and “furry kids”, your motorcycle and classic cars. You will be missed. Dwight dropped his tractor and trailer and is retiring. He plans to drive on occasion for Decker, so not 100% retired.He was honored and given a Decker Carhartt jacket and… Read More

ELD Transition

The ELD Mandate doesn’t change existing rules, it does require more stringent enforcement of those rules.

Springtime Scavenger Hunt

Professional Drivers, play along with your game card! All work and no play can get tiresome, but when you feel you “don’t have time to play games”, then why not combine the two. Decker Truck Line has announced their 1st Springtime Scavenger Hunt. Springtime Scavenger Hunt is an interactive game that Decker Truck Line, Inc…. Read More

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

There are 3 main levels of distracted driving: Manual, Cognitive and Visual. Testing your multitasking “skills”, can endanger your driving response rate. Do not create un-needed distractions for yourself. The 5 multitasking myths plaguing OTR drivers. Drivers can multitask Talking on a cell phone is just like speaking to a passenger Speaking hands-free is safe… Read More

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