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Why I’m Thankful

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The life of a truck driver is full of sacrifices, today, I’d like to share a few of the many things I’m thankful to drivers for. You fuel our economy. Without drivers, gas stations would go out of business. You take our garbage to the landfill, recycling centers would go out of business, and factories need trucking services to bring them supplies.

You help keep the peace. Even though you spend hours, and sometimes days on the road, you still manage to arrive at your destination in a good mood. Thank you for not speeding through our streets, or driving aggressively.

You serve our country in times of need. Due to your dedication to our nation, when the nation is in danger, you continue to take care of us.

You supply us with everything from water, food, natural resources, medical supplies, office equipment, vehicles, and more. Without drivers, there would be no logging, farming, or mining industry. You are literally the backbone of our economy.

You are the first to respond in times of natural disasters. When hurricanes, floods, ice storms, tornadoes, or wildfires strike, you are always on the front lines helping us to rebuild our lives after the storm passes through.

You don’t expect any recognition for all that you do for us day in and day out. All that’s asked in return is for you to be safe while you do it. Thank you for your continuous dedication and commitment to us.

We appreciate all that you do!

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Upgrading ELDs to Transflo/GeoTab

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What is GeoTab and Transflo?

GeoTab has partnered with Transflo to provide us with a
great new communication and logging device for all Decker
Professional Drivers. These new tablets will replace the
Omnitracs units that are currently in your trucks.

July 28th, 2020 YouTube LIVE

What can GeoTab do?

Future functionality includes:

Learn more about Hours of Service logging, click now.

When can I get my new tablet?

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How To Weigh A Load

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We’ve had some recent questions concerning what our legal steer axle weight for Decker trucks is. Let’s start by answering that…

The rating of the axles is always available in the left door jamb of the truck and it is recommended this decal be referenced if any question on the steer axle rating of your truck.

Currently, Decker Truck Line’s specifications include steering axle components that will allow for 13,200 lbs. of weight. This weight is calculated based on the axle assembly, tires, springs, etc.
Decker does own a minimal number of trucks with a 12000 to 12500 steer axle rating which should be moved out of the fleet in 2019.
To answer these questions please see below. If additional questions, please contact Maintenance Support or the Decker Shops.

Reefer & Standard Trailer
Flatbed & Spread-Axle Trailer
Taking the time to learn the proper procedure to scale a tractor-trailer is well worth it.

20+ Ways Decker Responded To Driver Requests In 2018

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You know what’s frustrating?

Feeling like you are talking to a brick wall, and of course, that wall isn’t responding. You try reaching out about your, at the time, relatively small issue and get crickets in return. Seriously?! Where are those promises now? These are your frustrations!

Sound about right?

Those are the type of things that can build up, pile on until you are at your wit’s end. They are also the type of things that can easily be resolved, preventing a snowball of issues to stockpile.

Decker Truck Line faced the frustrations head-on. Instead of ignoring drivers’ requests for more home time, longer miles, equipment upgrades, additional incentives, and overall improved communication they came together, striving to meet expectations.

In 2018, alone, Decker Truck Line has implemented an improved monthly performance program, incentivized a referral program that could bring in over $11,000 more a year to the driver, expanded home time options by adding more than 15 different dedicated, local, OTR and regional routes, created driver-friendly policies including a pet policy, company paid navigation, increased truck speed, upgraded lane departure device and an enhanced phone system for direct lines of communication. Not stopping there, Decker also rolled out a series of weekly Q&As for drivers, family members, and others to participate in. A place where you can get additional information on Decker, their policies, the procedures, new opportunities, and fun games.

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Watch this week’s YouTube Q&A to see additional information on changes Decker has made in 2018 to better the lives of their Drivers.

It’s been a crazy year but it’s been a blessing for us to have Decker allowing great home time,” Amy, a OTR reefer driver’s wife states.

Driven to be the best.

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Written By: Jesse Butler

Jesse Butler is a driver recruiter for Decker Truck Line. She has worked within the trucking industry for over a decade.  

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