Clips of Faith

Michael Dosch, Decker Pick-Up Truck, New Belgium Brewing TrailerNot many people can say they get the opportunity to travel across the country for their job, but Decker Professional Driver Michael Dosch can.

Michael is pulling the New Belgium Brewing trailer in New Belgium’s “Clips of Faith” Beer & Film Tour this year. This year’s tour has three stops spread out through August and October: Newport, Rhode Island; Tempe, Arizona; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Michael has driven in New Belgium’s “Tour de Fat” in the past, and says that in the past, he has encountered the challenge of navigating a large truck through small parks, though this year’s set up is a little smaller. He is anxious to see new scenery and parks, and is excited for fresh seafood on the East Coast and alligator in New Orleans. Michael’s Fleet Manager, Megan Kruse, says, “I enjoy working with Michael. He is a kind man who is very dedicated and hardworking. He puts his all into everything he does and goes above and beyond. He strives to do his best every day, and jumps through whatever hoops he has to in order to do so.”

New Belgium’s “Clips of Faith” tour is an annual event in which New Belgium sponsors “film and beer” festivals  around the country that are free to attend. All proceeds from beer sales are donated to local nonprofit organizations.


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