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2019 Brake Safety Week

Posted by deckerAdmin

Are you ready for Operation Airbrake?
Sept 15-21st, 2019 is Brake Safety Week. Be prepared for additional inspections. 
The goal behind operation airbrake is to reduce the number of crashes created by faulty airbrakes and brake systems.

The vehicle portion of an inspection includes checking critical vehicle inspection items such as: brake systems; cargo securement; coupling devices; driveline/driveshaft; driver’s seat (missing); exhaust systems; frames; fuel systems; lighting devices (headlamps, tail lamps, stop lamps, turn signals and lamps/flags on projecting loads); steering mechanisms; suspensions; tires; van and open-top trailer bodies; wheels, rims and hubs; and windshield wipers.

The five most common vehicle violations detected by inspectors were for braking systems (4,578 or 28% of total out-of-service violations), tires and wheels (3,156 or 19.3%), brake adjustment (2,801 or 17.1%), cargo securement (1,991 or 12.2%) and lighting devices (1,875 or 11.5%).

The five most common Driver violations were for hours of service (1,179 or 37.2% of total out-of-service violations), wrong class license (714 or 22.5%), false logs (467 or 14.7%), “other” violations (351 or 11.1%) and suspended license (232 or 7.3%).

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