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Bungee Basics

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Learn flatbed bungee basics from bungee training to bungee storage. Here at Decker Truck Line, we now only use bungees for our flatbed tie-down straps. Bungee Training.

Tanner demonstrates how to check the durability and shape of the bungee cord and how to properly store the flatbed bungee. Wearing the proper personal protective equipment and knowing the basic precautionary steps to properly inspect, attach and remove bungee cords before you begin your securement can maintain the safety of both you and the load.

Store your bungees properly in the headache rack on the back of the truck. All bungee cord storage is inside the headache rack. Inspecting each bungee cord before use prevents your loads from shifting. This is bungee training basics 101.

Bungee Basics:

For additional questions, contact the training department for more bungee training. 888.668.0698 #flatbedbungeebasics#bungeetraining#bungeestorage

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