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Cooking on the Road

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Some think that it’s near impossible to eat well when you are an over-the-road truck driver. Others…well, let’s just say, some know the tricks a little better than others. Thomas Remington is one of those “some”.
Like many, Thomas carries an Instantpot, crockpot, and grill (and now a stovetop burner) and his truck is equipped with a microwave and refrigerator. Unlike many, Thomas has mastered cooking in the truck.
We were able to sit down together last Friday and talk food. I’m warning you, this video MAY trigger some hunger pains. If it does, check out one of Thomas’ quick, “go-to” meals for little or no time.
Find Thomas on Instagram at @BeardedFlatbedGuy

Now, go ahead and get cooking in that truck!

Thomas Remington, Decker Truck Line Flatbed Lease Purchase driver tells us how cooking in a truck is an option for busy truck drivers.Driver spotlight is self-proclaimed trucking chef, Thomas Remington on cooking a the truck.See more of Thomas Remington on his Instagram @BeardedFlatbedguy#cooking#trucking#Decker

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