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Decker Lease Purchase with Shawn Swallows

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Inside the Triangle Podcast, Episode 10 features Shawn Swallows, Professional Decker Lease Purchase driver.—Shawn-Swallows-eimrs7

Professional Driver Shawn Swallows joins host Darin Ladlie to chat about the Decker Lease Purchase Program, tips on obtaining and keeping a high Driver Scorecard, and how he has achieved Driver of the Month every year he’s been at Decker.

Check out the podcast here.

Stick around to hear “Words of Wisdom from the Office Staff.”  This week, Driver Recruiter Anna Randazzo calls in to tell us a funny story including trucking vocabulary for beginners. 

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Sept 24th 2018 #MMLIVE Lease Purchase Qualifications

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Lease purchase is NOT for everyone. Being a lease purchase driver requires planning ahead, knowing your numbers and having what it takes to be successful.

Check out our guide to Decker’s Lease Purchase Qualifications here.

Written By: Jesse Butler

Jesse Butler is a driver recruiter for Decker Truck Line. She has worked within the trucking industry for over a decade. You can contact her at 406.203.4413. 

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