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2022 Truck Driver Championships

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Iowa and Montana State Competitions

Altoona, Iowa – Six professional drivers represented Decker Truck Line in the Iowa Truck Driver Championships on Friday, June 10, 2022. Mike Graf, Mike Mertz, Felix Perez, and Tom Melton all competed in the Flatbed division. Mike Graf, Mike Mertz, and Felix Perez were all first-time participants at the TDC.

Iowa: Professional Drivers Todd Ouverson, Mike Graf, Felix Perez, Mike Mertz, Dean Filmer, and Tom Melton. Pictured with Safety Department Team Maggie Strait and Patrice Fourtina.

Dean Filmer competed in the 5-axle competition and Todd Ouverson represented Decker in the Sleeper Berth division. This was Dean’s 19th year competing and his 2nd championship title. He won Sleeper Berth back in 2016.

Dean earned 1st place in 5-axle and Tom Melton placed 3rd in Flatbed for the 2022 Iowa Truck Driver Championships.

Helena, Montana – Five professional drivers represented Decker Truck Line in the Montana Truck Driver Championships on a wet Saturday, June 11, 2022. Art Clubb and Ron Buck competed in the 5-Axle division. Lyle Turville and Roy Middlestead both competed in the Sleeper Berth division, and Donald Nealey represented Decker Truck Line in the Flatbed division for the Montana State Truck Driver Championships. Ron, Donald, and Roy were all first-time participants at the TDC. All 3 Rookie competitors placed in the state competitions. Ron Buck placed 2nd in 5-Axle, Roy Middlestead placed 3rd in Sleeper Berth, and Donald Nealey placed 3rd in Flatbed.

Lyle Turville brought home his second 1st place title. He won the 5-Axle in 2019 and the Sleeper Berth in 2022.

Montana: Professional Drivers Art Clubb, Ron Buck, Donald Nealey, and Lyle Turville (not pictured is Roy Middlestead). Pictured with Operations Team Greg Kreta, Steven Hatten, Jason Sorlien, and Matt Nicholls. 

Indianapolis, Indiana – Lyle and Dean will be going on to Nationals taking place in Indianapolis from August 16th-19th. Stay tuned as we continue to support our professional drivers on their way to the National Truck Driver Championships.

Tom Melton and Dean Filmer
Art Clubb, Ron Buck, Lyle Turville, Donald Nealey
Roy Middlestead

Congrats to ALL the professional drivers at Decker Truck Line for earning the Zero Accidents in Montana for the category of 1,500,001 to 2,500,000 miles and Outstanding Achievement for Zero Accidents in Montana awards presented to Decker Truck Line by the Montana Trucking Association during the Montana Truck Driving Expo on Saturday.

Why I’m Thankful

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The life of a truck driver is full of sacrifices, today, I’d like to share a few of the many things I’m thankful to drivers for. You fuel our economy. Without drivers, gas stations would go out of business. You take our garbage to the landfill, recycling centers would go out of business, and factories need trucking services to bring them supplies.

You help keep the peace. Even though you spend hours, and sometimes days on the road, you still manage to arrive at your destination in a good mood. Thank you for not speeding through our streets, or driving aggressively.

You serve our country in times of need. Due to your dedication to our nation, when the nation is in danger, you continue to take care of us.

You supply us with everything from water, food, natural resources, medical supplies, office equipment, vehicles, and more. Without drivers, there would be no logging, farming, or mining industry. You are literally the backbone of our economy.

You are the first to respond in times of natural disasters. When hurricanes, floods, ice storms, tornadoes, or wildfires strike, you are always on the front lines helping us to rebuild our lives after the storm passes through.

You don’t expect any recognition for all that you do for us day in and day out. All that’s asked in return is for you to be safe while you do it. Thank you for your continuous dedication and commitment to us.

We appreciate all that you do!

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