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Living Healthy Over The Road

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Links and resources (including recipes) to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Links and resources (including recipes) to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy on the road is a big initiative in the entire freight forwarding industry. There are now countless programs that help truck drivers to live a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise. If you are wondering how to stay healthy as a truck driver, you can start with our EAP website available at It is important to try and be the healthiest you possible. As always, check with your Doctor before changing or adding exercise and diet to your current regimen.

Mini Cookbook – 10 Easy Peasy Recipes

Both Pilot/Flying J as well as TA/Petros offer resources for over the road drivers to make living healthy over the road a whole lot easier (and more enjoyable).

You can find information on those resources below:

Go-To Slow Cooker Meals

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We thought we would make it easy for you and provide some quick, healthy crockpot recipes that you can prepare in your truck.

Slow cooker meals  - Corned Beef and Cabbage, Corn and Scalloped tomatoes and pork chops
Chicken and Rice, Chicken Spaghetti and Pot Roast Slow cooker recipes

Eat healthy! Consider using food delivery services such as: DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats or

Food For Truckers – Quick, Easy and Healthy Meals for Truck Drivers

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We know life on the road can be tough, I mean, even trying to plan meals can be difficult. You want to eat healthier, because you want to feel good, but…it can be expensive and time consuming tracking down the right ingredients for the right price. Plus, once you have purchased the basics, where are you going to store them.

We’d like to help. Here are a couple of recipes that are not only delicious, but they don’t take a lot of time to prepare, it won’t cost you a fortune AND it will feed you for several meals. Finding convenient food for truckers, can be a pain, we are making it easy by showing you what you can cook in your semi truck and with Decker we have the equipment to make easy meals for truck drivers.

Here at Decker Truck Line, all of our trucks are equipped with APUs and refrigerators and plenty of storage space. Check it out for yourself, Decker Equipment – Truck Video. This is to provide you some comforts of home while out on the road.

For these meals, you will need a crock pot. Below are the videos and the recipes. They are pretty simple, so if you don’t have time or don’t want to watch the video, no problem. You can figure it out. If you want to join in and hear of substitutes for several of the ingredients, then watch the videos for each of the easy meals. Enjoy!


Monday’s Facebook Live –

Crock Pot Chicken Ranch Tacos

1 – 50 oz Canned cooked Chicken Breasts (4 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts)

1/2 Cup Water or Chicken Broth

1 Packet of Taco Seasoning

1 Packet of dry Ranch Seasoning

1 diced onion

1 oz Can of diced Green Chiles

Salsa, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Toppings (optional)

Line your crock pot with a handy crock pot liner and then dump all the ingredients into the lined crock pot. Stir. Set on Low for 4-6 hours. Enjoy over your choice of salad or in a soft or hard taco shell.



Tuesday’s YouTube Live

1/2 Pound of chopped Bacon

1 Pound Beef, Venison or Chicken cut to your liking (I do 1 inch chunks)

1 Packet of Frozen Stir Fry Veggies or Broccoli

1 Cup Mr. Yoshidas Original Gormet Sweet & Savory Marinade Cooking Sauce

3 Tablespoons Franks Red Hot Sriracha (optional)

1 Packet Seeds of Change Microwavable Quinoa & Brown Rice

Line your crock pot with a handy crock pot liner and then dump meat, Cooking sauce and Franks Red Hot Sriracha into the lined crock pot. Stir. Set on Low for 4-6 hours. About 2 hours prior to eating, empty frozen  veggies or broccoli into the crock pot. Stir, again. Enjoy over Seeds of Change Microwavable (90 seconds) Quinoa & Brown Rice.



Let me know what you think. For more meal ideas on the road along with other helpful tips and information on available positions here with Decker Truck Line, follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

Interested in driving for Decker? Apply at or call a recruiter at 888.668.0698.

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Written By: Jesse Butler

Jesse Butler is a driver recruiter for Decker Truck Line. She has worked within the trucking industry for over a decade. You can contact her at 406.203.4413. 

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