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Decker Truck Lines partners with Unum to provide work/life balance assistance.

What are the benefits Decker Truck Lines employment assistance program (EAP)?

Get help with:
Personal, family and work issues
Stress, anxiety, and depression,
Relationship issues, divorce
Family and parenting problems
Anger, grief, and loss
Addiction, eating disorders, mental illness
Work/life balance issues
Finding childcare
Accessing legal help
Locating eldercare services
Managing your finances
Reducing medical bills

Talk to a Licensed Professional Counselor or Work/Life Specialist over the phone. Compassionate professionals are there to listen, help you define your issues, and put you in touch with expert resources in your community for additional support. Just call 1-800-854-1446

3 Free In-person Counseling Sessions

When phone support isn’t enough, you can take advantage of three in-person visits with a Licensed Professional Counselor, included at no additional charge with your EAP. Your counselor will provide short-term support and advice, and help you find local resources for ongoing care, if necessary.

Plus so much more.

Decker partners with Unum to provide a solid work/life balance.

For more details watch our August 20, 2019 Q&A

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