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How To Weigh A Load

Posted by deckerAdmin

We’ve had some recent questions concerning what our legal steer axle weight for Decker trucks is. Let’s start by answering that…

The rating of the axles is always available in the left door jamb of the truck and it is recommended this decal be referenced if any question on the steer axle rating of your truck.

Currently, Decker Truck Line’s specifications include steering axle components that will allow for 13,200 lbs. of weight. This weight is calculated based on the axle assembly, tires, springs, etc.
Decker does own a minimal number of trucks with a 12000 to 12500 steer axle rating which should be moved out of the fleet in 2019.
To answer these questions please see below. If additional questions, please contact Maintenance Support or the Decker Shops.

Reefer & Standard Trailer
Flatbed & Spread-Axle Trailer
Taking the time to learn the proper procedure to scale a tractor-trailer is well worth it.
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