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Important Driver-Friendly Policy Changes Coming for Decker Drivers

Posted by htaAdmin

In response to the evolving needs and desires of professional drivers in a growing and demanding trucking industry, Decker Truck Line has been making many driver-friendly changes. Since the fall of 2017, Decker has significantly increased driver wages, 401(k) contributions, and per diem per mile. This week, we’re announcing even more changes that are sure to please many drivers.

These changes will go into effect June 15, 2018.

Truck Speed

All Decker trucks will now be able to operate at up to 68 MPH on cruise and 65 MPH on the pedal. Current Decker Drivers, please make sure you request this change at your next scheduled service at a DTL facility.

Lane Departure Device

Any Decker truck #3034 or lower will be allowed to have the Lane Departure Device deactivated. Current Decker Drivers, please request this change at your next scheduled service at a DTL maintenance facility. Trucks #3035 and up will continue using the newer Fusion Lane Departure Device.

Dog Policy

One dog, 35 pounds or less, will now be allowed per truck with approval from the Safety Department. Please contact Safety at 515-576-4141 for policy details and restrictions.


Truck navigation software will be free to ALL Decker Professional Drivers.


Driver-facing SmartDrive event recorders may now be deactivated by Safety 120 days after hire, provided certain criteria are met. Forward-facing cameras will remain active. Contact Safety at 515-576-4141 for more information.

These policy changes are being brought into effect because we have listened to our Professional Drivers and have determined that these changes will not sacrifice the safety of our drivers or the public. We are no longer operating under a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and we want to recognize that drivers who demonstrate safe driving practices will be rewarded.

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