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DOT Inspection Prep

Posted by deckerAdmin

Are your nerves on end when you pull in for a DOT inspection or are you confident in your equipment, the maintenance of your equipment and your HOS…knowing you are coming out of there violation free?

Have confidence in your routine and random inspections by doing a proper pre-trip EACH and EVERY time you start your day and/or swap trailers.

Communicate with your maintenance department and fleet manager on equipment needs, repairs, leaks, and damage as well as Hours of Service.

How often do you do a full pre-trip? Are you checking all the lights, fluids, and hoses when you do a pre-trip?

Get your complete Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist here.


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ALWAYS Do A Proper Pre-Trip

Posted by deckerAdmin

Completing a proper pre-trip can be vital to not only the maintenance of your truck but also DOT compliance and your personal safety. With experience, you may get into a natural rhythm or order in which you pre-trip your truck and trailer, for now, stick with a pre-trip checklist to assure you do not overlook any details.

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