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Coronavirus Affecting Our Much Needed Drivers

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Updates** on Rest Areas, Trucks Stops and Truck Plazas for our Professional Drivers

“The truckstop and travel center industry is committed to continuing to play the important role of feeding and fueling truck drivers.”

Because of many conflicting reports and comments on social media, we have researched and confirmed updated details on rest areas, truckstops and travel plazas:
Rest Areas – Currently Pennsylvania is the only state confirmed to have closed their rest areas.  Brenda Neville, President of the IMTA, has informed us of the following:  “From our daily calls with other state trucking associations the majority of states are not closing the rest areas because truck parking is going to be even more important with relaxation of HOS. We have continued to emphasize this with the Iowa DOT. We will continue to monitor and get you info as it comes to us.”  (You need to operate as normal in compliance with the HOS regulations.  If Decker has a load that meets the criteria for the waiver for the regulations under the emergency declaration, you will be notified.)
Truckstops and Travel Plazas –  According to a press release from NATSO: 
NATSO, representing the travel plaza and truckstop industry, issued the following statement today confirming that its members remain open and continue to serve the professional drivers who are transporting supplies and goods in support of COVID-19 emergency relief.
Travel centers and truckstops across the U.S. continue to provide food, fuel and the other essential amenities needed by professional drivers, including showers.
“Truck drivers are depending on truckstops and travel centers as they deliver food and life-saving supplies. Our members are committed to doing their part during the nation’s response to this emergency,” said NATSO President Lisa Mullings. “As the nation confronts the coronavirus outbreak, the country’s travel centers and truckstops are committed to remaining open and serving America’s drivers. Fuel retailers are ‘essential’ businesses that must remain open even if other ‘nonessential’ businesses are forced to close.” 
Travel centers are well-positioned to serve the nation’s hard-working, professional drivers during this critical time.
Although some states have ordered the closing of sit-down restaurants, travel plazas and truckstops offer many food options, including quick-serve food and healthy grab-and-go options. Even where restaurants are prohibited from offering sit-down table service, travel centers are converting those restaurants to allow for take-out options.
“In these difficult times it is essential that the American people can count on the nation’s professional truck drivers to continue delivering food and other essential products to communities throughout the country,” Mullings said. “The truckstop and travel center industry is committed to continuing to play the important role of feeding and fueling truck drivers.”
 We hope this information is helpful to you.  As you know, this is a very fluid situation with things changing daily, but we will do our best to give you accurate and timely updates.

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