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Chicken Alfredo Pizza

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Pizza at its core is bread with cheese and sauce. That is the canvas to work from, making changes in order to create a masterpiece. The wonderful thing about making pizza is there is no “wrong” way (Even though those from Chicago and New York would disagree). I have seen more and more pizza modeled on a sandwich or other type of meal available all over the country. From no-carb crust to designer-style crust and all types between. With all this said, I enjoy making pizza in my truck. It’s cheaper and always fresh when you want it. Plus, it’s always made the way you want. The latter is hard to find sometimes.

This brings me to my next recipe in our Truck’d Up cooking series, my version of Chicken Alfredo Pizza. This is a simplified recipe to take into account prep time and ingredients needed. Feel free to add or subtract anything you want to make it your own. All of these ingredients are easily obtained at any major grocery store or market.

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

For cooking equipment, you will need an air fryer or at the least a toaster oven. The size of said equipment is not important to the recipe. However, just make sure your crust will fit properly in the cooking area.

You will need:

Precooked pizza crust of your liking

Your favorite alfredo sauce

Precooked chicken (perfect use for leftover chicken)

Green pepper (diced)

Onion (diced)

Your favorite pizza cheese (mozzarella works best for this recipe)

Olive oil

Garlic powder

Salt and pepper

Here are some additional ingredients to try:

Steamed broccoli chunks


Black olives (this really adds an interesting flavor that works well with the sauce)

Here is the process:

Pre-heat to 375. Remove crust from packaging and drizzle olive oil on the crust. Spread with the back of a spoon or brush if you have one. Sprinkle garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste. Apply your alfredo sauce to the crust bringing it nearly to the edge. Put your chicken and veggies on next making sure it’s not more than one layer. Lightly drizzle more olive oil and cover with cheese, again, nearly to the edge. Your baking time will vary depending on the size of your pizza as well as the size of your equipment. However, as a general rule 8-10 minutes is about what it takes. You’re looking for your cheese to be golden.

I hope you try this recipe and have fun making it your own! Happy cooking and stay safe out there.

Truck’d Up Chili

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The Truck’d Up Cooking monthly cooking in the truck series featuring Thomas Remington as @BeardedFlatbedGuy

Thomas Remington is featured on this week’s podcast,—Thomas-Remington-estjdo

Volume 1: Issue 1

This is an amazing recipe to either make-ahead of time (at home) or in the truck. The recipe is very flexible, allowing you to tailor it to your liking.

Why Chili?

Chili is an amazing food as it’s so versatile you can use it in so many ways. It can also be transformed in a multitude of ways.  The best part of making this recipe at home is you can package it into serving size portions and have it at the ready when you need it.

I will give the base recipe as well as ways to “doctor” it up. The base recipe is flexible enough to make this any way you like. Whether you like it mild and basic or hot and wild, this will work!

I cooked this recipe in my truck using an Instapot. However, at home in a stew pot works as well as a crockpot.

Here’s what you will need:

Ingredients for cooking truck'd up chili on the road in the truck or if you prefer to prep your meals before going over the road. Here are the basic ingredients, feel free to add more kick if you like.

If you like it with some kick, add some or all of the following:

If you like your chili thicker, add 1/4 cup Corn Meal the last hour of cooking.

To make this chili, it couldn’t be easier!

Combine all ingredients in a pot. Do not drain the cans. You want the liquid for flavor and to help thicken the chili. When you add the ground meat, pinch it into the pot so it will cook as the chili cooks and will add variable flavors to the chili. If cooking in a crockpot, set to low and cook 8 hours stirring occasionally.

      If cooking in an InstaPot, set to high on slow cook setting and cook 6-8 hours stirring occasionally. Using a cooking bag really helps with cleanup.

     If cooking on a stovetop, start on high heat until you reach a gentle boil. Then, reduce to a slow simmer for 4 hours.

    With all cooking methods, if you are adding Corn Meal to thicken, do this the last hour of cooking. Add a little bit at a time to prevent clumps. Stir well to incorporate completely. 

    You will notice, I did not call for any salt in this recipe. I feel it is not needed. However, if you feel it needs it, then, by all means, do so. The same goes for your favorite seasonings. This simply a great base to make into the best chili possible!!!

    I hope you enjoy this great recipe and happy eating!!

                                                         Sincerely, Thomas Remington

Want to read more about @BeardedFlatbedGuy? You can find him on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram or previously on our blog.

Cooking on the Road

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Some think that it’s near impossible to eat well when you are an over-the-road truck driver. Others…well, let’s just say, some know the tricks a little better than others. Thomas Remington is one of those “some”.
Like many, Thomas carries an Instantpot, crockpot, and grill (and now a stovetop burner) and his truck is equipped with a microwave and refrigerator. Unlike many, Thomas has mastered cooking in the truck.
We were able to sit down together last Friday and talk food. I’m warning you, this video MAY trigger some hunger pains. If it does, check out one of Thomas’ quick, “go-to” meals for little or no time.
Find Thomas on Instagram at @BeardedFlatbedGuy

Now, go ahead and get cooking in that truck!

Thomas Remington, Decker Truck Line Flatbed Lease Purchase driver tells us how cooking in a truck is an option for busy truck drivers.Driver spotlight is self-proclaimed trucking chef, Thomas Remington on cooking a the truck.See more of Thomas Remington on his Instagram @BeardedFlatbedguy#cooking#trucking#Decker

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Living Healthy Over The Road

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Links and resources (including recipes) to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Links and resources (including recipes) to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy on the road is a big initiative in the entire freight forwarding industry. There are now countless programs that help truck drivers to live a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise. If you are wondering how to stay healthy as a truck driver, you can start with our EAP website available at It is important to try and be the healthiest you possible. As always, check with your Doctor before changing or adding exercise and diet to your current regimen.

Mini Cookbook – 10 Easy Peasy Recipes

Both Pilot/Flying J as well as TA/Petros offer resources for over the road drivers to make living healthy over the road a whole lot easier (and more enjoyable).

You can find information on those resources below:

Go-To Slow Cooker Meals

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We thought we would make it easy for you and provide some quick, healthy crockpot recipes that you can prepare in your truck.

Slow cooker meals  - Corned Beef and Cabbage, Corn and Scalloped tomatoes and pork chops
Chicken and Rice, Chicken Spaghetti and Pot Roast Slow cooker recipes

Eat healthy! Consider using food delivery services such as: DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats or

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