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Fitness For Truck Drivers

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It can be difficult to stay healthy on the road. Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to stay in shape no matter where you are. Having the right equipment and knowledge to live a healthy life could make the difference between wanting to change and actually changing. Here are a few “tools” for you to borrow from our toolbox.

Truck Driver Exercise Equipment

Resistance Bands – Heavy duty pull up assist bands, resistance bands, these bands are great to improve mobility & test your strength as weight lifting bands.

GymBoss – This is a  free phone app. It makes it easy to change the number of intervals, sets and time.

Yoga Mat – Offers support in stretching, core and mobility exercises.


Improve Your Physical Fitness & Personal Health

We are here to support you on a path to health and fitness. Feel free to download this free workout routine designed for drivers out on the road.

Improve your health even further by cleaning up your diet. Track your diet to see ultimate results.

New to working out?

The amount of exercise will vary from individual but recommendations from American College of Sports Medicine is atleast 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week. That being said, HIIT intervals are proven to be as effective if not more effective then aerobic exercises because of the intensity level.

10 Benefits Of Working Out

Driven To Be The Best! The best YOU… Click here for tools to get you there.


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Written By: Jesse Butler

Jesse Butler is a driver recruiter for Decker Truck Line. She has worked within the trucking industry for over a decade. You can contact her at 406.203.4413. 

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