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Virtual Career Fair

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Dry Van Driving Positions

Can you make it?

Join us on Wednesday, March 24th at 1pm Central for our Virtual Job Fair discussing Dry Van opportunities in your area.

Can you make it? Dry Van Virtual Career Fair 
Can you make it? Dry Van Virtual Career Fair 

We will be providing you details on:

I’m sorry. You’ve missed the Virtual Job Fair. You can watch the replay here.

5 Factors to Consider When Deciding What Trucking Company to Work for

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How do you choose a good trucking company when you are being bombarded by phone calls, emails and texts from numerous prospecting trucking companies?

5 tips to consider when deciding what trucking company to work for. Choosing the best trucking company can not only  bring you home more money but offer you your preferred home time. #besttruckingcompany #trucking #truckingcompany #truckdriver #trucker #truckamenities #truckingaccessories #truckaccessories #truckerslife #lifeofatrucker #DeckerTruckLine  #trucks #logistics #Peterbilt #Semi #SemiTruck #truckingequipment


Is the company well established? Does the company offer a stable work environment? Will you receive consistent paychecks or a guarantee/minimum pay?

Work Life Balance

What kind of home time does the company offer? Are you looking for something that’s more local or are you looking for something regional where you’re home on a weekly basis or are you considering maybe something that’s over the road and don’t mind being out for two to three weeks at a time? Before you decide on what company to start working for is important to know where you stand on your expectations. What are you wanting? What are you and your family needing?

Comforts and Conveniences

Does the company provide a refrigerator? A microwave? An inverter? These are all things to consider when looking at a trucking company because you may need to invest in your own cooking utilities, or you’ll have to budget eating out which can be very expensive when you’re out on the road.

When a company provides some of those resources to their drivers shows that they’re not only looking out for you and your health but trying help you reduce your expenses out on the road. Being able to budget your finances can be difficult with most of your money going towards take out. By providing a refrigerator, a microwave, and an inverter in order to use a crock pot or a grill the company demonstrates how important it is to save money on the road not only for them but for you.

What kind of comforts does the company offer you besides just cooking options?

Do you have plenty of space in the truck? Are the beds comfortable, roomy & a clean mattress? Is there enough storage in the truck for all your personal items? Are the seats air ride?

What are some of the conveniences that the company provides you? Not only are a microwave, a fridge and inverter wonderful things to have, but there are conveniences such as a television with satellite TV programming, and Sirius radio.

Top qualities of elite trucking companies. Here are 5 tips to consider when deciding what trucking company to work for. Choosing the best trucking company can not only  bring you home more money but offer you your preferred home time. #besttruckingcompany #trucking #truckingcompany #truckdriver #trucker #truckamenities #truckingaccessories #truckaccessories #truckerslife #lifeofatrucker #DeckerTruckLine  #trucks #logistics #Peterbilt #Semi #SemiTruck #truckingequipment

Tools On-Hand

Does the company supply the tools for you to do your job properly? Do you have a quality ELD system? Do they provide you with top of the line navigation? How do you get your paperwork in?


What kind of equipment does the company have? Is it well maintained? Are they newer model?

These are all things that you want to consider when you are choosing a trucking company.

5 Factors to consider when deciding what trucking company to work for. Choosing the best trucking company can not only  bring you home more money but offer you your preferred home time. #besttruckingcompany #trucking #truckingcompany #truckdriver #trucker #truckamenities #truckingaccessories #truckaccessories #truckerslife #lifeofatrucker #DeckerTruckLine  #trucks #logistics #Peterbilt #Semi #SemiTruck #truckingequipment

Here at Decker truck line we not only offer a stable work environment which consists of a weekly minimum guaranteed pay but we also offer good home time. We have several options whether you’re looking for home daily, home multiple times throughout the week, home on the weekends, or out two the three weeks at a time.

Call 888-668-0698 to get more details on what’s available here at Decker truck line. Decker’s been established since 1931 and we have a reputation of taking great care of our drivers, those drivers who have worked so hard to get us through this pandemic and so much more. Not only do we push for home time options for you, but we also incentivize with monthly bonuses, guaranteed and minimum pay, extra pays for short-haul, clean inspections, extra drop and picks, hazmat, East Coast pay, plus, we have added bonuses such as our Driver of the Month program, our Driver of the Year of programs, our Referral program and so much more. We offer full benefits which include medical, dental, vision, and prescription as well as a 30% match for the 401K.

Our equipment and amenities are second to none. We have mostly 579 Peterbilts, 730 , 740 and 760 Volvos , and Freightliner Cascadia Evolutions . They are automatics, and well equipped with almost any amenity you can think of from APUs, to televisions with 100 plus channels of company-paid satellite programming. We have microwaves, inverters, refrigerators, CD units, onboard scanners, Sirius radio, and top of the line communications in all of our trucks. Not only do we want you to have comforts such as plenty of space, storage, and of course air-ride seats but we want you to have the luxury of being able to save money on the road by preparing your own meals instead of having to eat out every night.

If you’re interested in learning more about Decker Truck Line, Inc and want to apply online go to and apply now.

Our Heros Out On The Road

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Last week during our Facebook LIVE, we spoke a lot about going the extra mile. It’s no surprise to me that there are several Decker drivers who have gone over and beyond to not only help someone but it amazes me that many of those in our Decker family have gone on to save lives.

Whether you are coming up on an accident and you pull over to make the initial response call or you are in the trenches pulling people out of vehicles to get them free from the dangers they are in, we are all very thankful for your actions.

I imagine it’s quite overwhelming for those having gone through the devastation, but no doubt they, too, are thankful for you. As news of hurricane Florence and the damage it has created engulfs our news stations, know there are people out there making a difference and helping others.

If you know of someone who deserves a shout out or kudos for an act of kindness, please, share with us so we can recognize them. According to Robert Cialdini’s book Influence, studies show that the more often we hear negative news the more likely it will insite even more negative actions. The reverse is also true; the more positive actions or reactions we have influences others’ behavior, causing them to conduct themselves in an Utopian, encouraging, manner. Let’s create a revolution against negative news and cultivate positivity.  Share with us your act of kindness.

Submit your stories to

Jesse Butler is a driver recruiter for Decker Truck Line. She has worked within the trucking industry for over a decade. You can contact her at 406.203.4413. 

Apply directly to Decker Truck Line at

Driver Shortage Struggles Across Transportation Industry Affecting Everyone

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Written by Jesse Butler, Driver Recruiter at Decker Truck Line

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for a tractor trailer truck driver was $42,480 in 2017. The demand for drivers does not seem to be going away. In fact, according to BLS, the expected need for tractor trailer truck drivers is increasing at an average of 6%. However, the average age of a T/T truck driver is 55 years old and the number of NEW drivers is slow to make up the difference between those retiring and the increased shipping demands.

Like many hard working, hands on occupations, OTR tractor trailer truck drivers must be at the top of their game all the time. They MUST be alert, aware of their surroundings and not just in control of their own skills, but also cautious of other drivers on the road. They have to play defense  100% of the time. Watching out for pedestrians not paying attention because they are watching someone else or playing on their phone. Watching for animals (deer, dogs, elk etc) running out onto the road, not knowing it could mean their demise. Aware of motorcyclists, 4 wheeled vehicles, other T/T and commercial vehicles using the same roadway but not necessarily following the same driving standards.

OTR T/T truck drivers are expected to do a lot. But yet, in today’s world, some think they can be replaced by robotics. We will see.

For now, we rely HEAVILY (pun intended) on our tractor trailer truck drivers. EVERYTHING you purchase, at one point in its life has been on the back of a T/T. Whether it’s food, clothing, vehicles, computers or that precious phone you are holding in your hand. A truck driver hauled it.

Missoula, Montana Terminal

Do you remember when you were younger, when someone talked about a truck driver, you immediately thought of this unsung hero who would help you change a tire if you were stranded, would give you a lift if your vehicle broke down and you had 10, 15, 50 miles to the next town? Do you remember getting all excited when you saw a T/T coming down the road so you could pump your arm in hopes they would see your ridiculous request to hear them blast their horn and say “hello”?  I remember that! I remember thinking, truck drivers are hard working, happy people.

I can’t say I sing the same tune now. Not because I don’t think they are still hard working guys willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it, like Decker Truck Line’s Bill Nettle who saved a little piglet from an ugly fate along Hwy 20 or Decker’s Michael Massey who helped Marshalltown tornado victims pick themselves and their belongings back up while waiting for his weather related delayed appointment. No, that’s not why I don’t look at truck drivers the same way.

It’s the frustrated and discouraged look I see on their faces instead of the happy carefree demeanor.

After spending over 12 years as a driver recruiting, I’ve seen several changes to the HOS restrictions, medical requirements and other safety regulations (not to say they weren’t needed)…. But very little change in driver pay. These same drivers, power through and continue to do what is asked, required, needed of them to do, but for years, there had not been a significant change in pay throughout the industry. Experienced drivers are being forced out, unable to continue to do the job they did so well for so long. It’s time for them to retire. Those new to the industry have big hopes of making a good living out on the road. They are giving up time with their family, evenings and weekends off…for what? For a grumpy DM? Angry shippers or less motivated receivers? No, they are making sacrifices because they KNOW the world needs them…and they love driving truck. Still, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t make a good living at what they love to do.

Trucking companies are realizing that and many have increased wages significantly. Some, like Decker Truck Line, have increased the BASE pay over 23% and implemented additional bonus programs and incentives to the drivers hoping to illustrate their appreciation for all the hard work and sacrifices they do for each and every one of us. This brings up the average median pay to above $65,000 for Decker drivers, plus numerous DTL drivers making significantly more than the median wage AND, because it’s not ALL about the amount of money you bring home, it’s also about quality of life and respect you receive, Decker has been able to provide better home time opportunities and driver friendly policy changes to their hard working team.

Now, allow me to pump my arm and hope for a trucker “heck ya”.


Jesse Butler is a driver recruiter for Decker Truck Line. She has worked within the trucking industry for over a decade. You can contact her at 406.203.4413. 

Apply directly to Decker Truck Line at

Important Driver-Friendly Policy Changes Coming for Decker Drivers

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In response to the evolving needs and desires of professional drivers in a growing and demanding trucking industry, Decker Truck Line has been making many driver-friendly changes. Since the fall of 2017, Decker has significantly increased driver wages, 401(k) contributions, and per diem per mile. This week, we’re announcing even more changes that are sure to please many drivers.

These changes will go into effect June 15, 2018.

Truck Speed

All Decker trucks will now be able to operate at up to 68 MPH on cruise and 65 MPH on the pedal. Current Decker Drivers, please make sure you request this change at your next scheduled service at a DTL facility.

Lane Departure Device

Any Decker truck #3034 or lower will be allowed to have the Lane Departure Device deactivated. Current Decker Drivers, please request this change at your next scheduled service at a DTL maintenance facility. Trucks #3035 and up will continue using the newer Fusion Lane Departure Device.

Dog Policy

One dog, 35 pounds or less, will now be allowed per truck with approval from the Safety Department. Please contact Safety at 515-576-4141 for policy details and restrictions.


Truck navigation software will be free to ALL Decker Professional Drivers.


Driver-facing SmartDrive event recorders may now be deactivated by Safety 120 days after hire, provided certain criteria are met. Forward-facing cameras will remain active. Contact Safety at 515-576-4141 for more information.

These policy changes are being brought into effect because we have listened to our Professional Drivers and have determined that these changes will not sacrifice the safety of our drivers or the public. We are no longer operating under a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and we want to recognize that drivers who demonstrate safe driving practices will be rewarded.

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