Upgrading ELDs to Transflo/GeoTab

What is GeoTab and Transflo?

GeoTab has partnered with Transflo to provide us with a
great new communication and logging device for all Decker
Professional Drivers. These new tablets will replace the
Omnitracs units that are currently in your trucks.

July 28th, 2020 YouTube LIVE

What can GeoTab do?

  • Hours of Service logging using the Transflo platform that you are already used to.
  • Scan documents and take photos with the built-in camera. You can even take the device outside of your
  • truck to send photos of damage or securement questions.
  • ALK mapping with traffic, road closures and weather updates. This will route you to your destination,
  • including fuel stops and breaks.
  • No more macros! The device automatically prompts you when you’re ready to be dispatched to an order.

Future functionality includes:

  • Adding PrePass motion for scale bypass.
  • Completing orientation paperwork through the tablet.
  • Infiniti training through the tablet.
  • Document recognition, so any mistakes will not cause
  • additional work for the back office team.
  • Enhanced Driver Scorecard.
  • Integration with SmartDrive.
  • Integration with our Maintenance software, Cetaris.
Learn more about Hours of Service logging, click now. https://youtu.be/Msw0XCKriXI

When can I get my new tablet?

  • Installation begins July 27th for local Fort Dodge
  • Drivers, so we can streamline the process for our OTR
  • fleet.
  • Installation for OTR Drivers will begin in August.
  • Everyone will have their new tablet by the end of the
  • year.
  • Training will be provided at installation time.

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