About Us


We’ve helped professional truck drivers build successful careers for more than eight decades. We offer you a commitment to superior service, a driver-friendly environment, and consistent, dependable freight with our large base of customers—some of whom have been with us since the very beginning.


We’re committed to our drivers and maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry. Getting you home to your family is our top priority – along with ensuring the well-being of the motoring public. Our state-of-the-art trucks are under 3 years old on average and are equipped with the latest technologies to keep you safe on the road.


We were founded in 1931 by brothers Loren and Dale Decker, who set out to build a trucking company from the one Model B Ford truck they owned. Early deliveries consisted of deliveries of canned goods, plumbing fixtures, gypsum products and windmills between Iowa and adjacent states. By 1993, Dale’s son Don had acquired sole ownership of the company; revenues grew tenfold and operations expanded to a nationwide system of coverage.


While you’re on the road, we support you with some of the most professional office and maintenance staff in the business. Our seven terminals are conveniently located throughout our operating area, so you’ll have easy access for operations, maintenance and training—as well as extensive driver amenities including showers, laundry facilities, break rooms with televisions and vending machines, and quiet rooms equipped with computers, wi-fi, televisions, and recliners.

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